Frequently Asked Questions

Car Wash Questions

How much water does it take to wash a car?
We use about 250 gallons of water to wash a car, but only about 25 gallons of fresh water is used in the application of soaps and waxes and in the final rinses. The rest is recycled water used in the wash process. Most sit down restaurants use more water per day to feed 200 people than we use to wash 200 cars!

  • Restaurant – 5800 gallons per day
  • Car Wash – 5000 gallons per day

How much of the fresh water used is recaptured and re-used?
We catch all but about 5% of the water we use, and we will use the 95% again. What we don’t capture goes out mostly in the beds of pickups!

Does Fountain wash boats?
We can, but we really don’t have the room to do it except in our hand wash bays, and then only up to 15 feet. Plus, they don’t do well in the car wash as…they are not cars!

How long does it take to get a car wash?
Most of the time we can vacuum, dust, and clean the inside and outside of a car in about 15 minutes. Vans and SUV’s take a little longer. The key for us is repeat customers because a clean car is easier to keep clean. The ones that take the longest are the ones that only come in once a year.

What is the least expensive car wash?
Our express exterior car wash is only $6 and takes only three minutes to wash and towel dry the exterior of the vehicle. But, when you buy a full service car wash or oil change, you get a FREE exterior wash that you can use on any vehicle within the next seven days, and there is nothing less expensive than free!

How often should I wash my car, truck, or SUV?
We recommend at least a weekly wash of the outside of every vehicle. The reason is simple. Your vehicle’s paint has pores just like your skin. If you don’t wash your hands for a week, imagine how hard it would be to get the dirt off. It’s the same with your car. New cars have great paint and finishes, but the longer the dirt and grime stays on a car, the more damage it does and the more permanent the damage becomes. Keeping a car clean not only makes the car look good longer, but improves the resale value tremendously.

How often should I wax/wash my car, truck or SUV?
If you wash your car every week with us, you may never have to apply a wax or buff to the exterior. The reason is that our wash process uses only the best products and we apply a drying agent to every wash that encourages the water to bead up and run off the car. Our tunnel applied waxes are true waxes designed to last for several weeks. But if you only wash your car monthly or less, then you must wax and or buff your car at least twice per year to keep it clean and protected.

Oil Change Questions

What kind of oil do you use in the Lube shop?
We are a Valvoline Express Care shop, so we use exclusively Valvoline products. We do this because our research shows that Valvoline is the best oil for your vehicle regardless of the service necessary and the type of driving you do. At Fountain, we only use the best products, all the time. We don’t cut corners or offer “knock off” brands that do not provide the level of engine protection you need. Plus, Valvoline is the only oil that offers a lifetime engine guarantee.

What is your recommended oil change interval and why?
We still recommend changing your engine oil every three months or three thousand miles to maintain maximum engine protection for the life of your vehicle. The reason is that regardless of the quality of the oil and oil filter, dirt exists in the air and your oil will get dirty in 3000 miles. Why risk it? Your engine is the life of your car and if it stops you stop! The question you have to ask yourself is, “Do I want the best for my car or not?”

What is the difference between synthetic and conventional motor oil?
All motor oils have additives that improve the viscosity and ability to resist thermal breakdown. Synthetic motor oils have a much higher percentage of additives designed to lubricate the engine more completely, especially in cold start or prolonged idle situations, such as sitting in stop and go traffic. But, they do not increase the oil life, contrary to popular belief. They don’t break down as easily as conventional oils, but they do get just as dirty and need to be changed regularly.

Generally, higher performance and higher revving engines need full synthetic or semi-synthetic oils more than the average driver. Valvoline Max Life oil is a semi-synthetic oil that has a special additive that lubricates and protects the gaskets and seals in the engine which do normally begin to deteriorate at 75,000 miles. Therefore every car with more than 75,000 miles needs Max Life.