No buckets, cold water, or wrinkly hands! All you need is your car wash coupons and your walking shoes!

Everyone loves a car wash and what better way to raise money for your organization than with the help of Fountain Car Wash, a Macon fixture since 1971. The Fountain Fundraiser includes an Express Wash and a Full Service Wash option. Half of all car wash sales will be donated to your organization – if you sell 100 of our Express Washes, your organization would make $300, or $900 if you sell 100 of our Full Service Washes.

If your organization would like to raise money through a Fountain Car Wash Fundraiser, please fill out the contact form and someone will be in touch with you immediately to provide additional details.

*Wash coupons must be purchased up front and there is a minimum quantity of 100. Express Wash coupons are for a $6 wash and will be sold to your organization for $3. Full Service Wash coupons are for an $18 wash and will be sold to your organization for $9. Fountain Car Wash will provide the sale coupons free of charge to your organization.

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