At Fountain, we take great pride in our services and our interaction with customers. For this reason, we have a strict hiring process. If you would like to apply for a position with Fountain Car Wash and Lube, complete our application here and drop it by 1820 Hardeman Avenue near downtown Macon.

What we expect

We expect all of our staff to be team players who work together towards the goal of exceeding all of our customer’s expectations for quality and service. Also, at Fountain Car Wash and Lube, we do not generally hire “career” car washers. We expect all of our employees to want to move on to bigger and better things in their lives. That’s why we want teachable people who see themselves on a path to something rather than in a job just to pay the bills. While all of our management team has come from within our staff, and we do promote often, only a very few of our staff are expected to be with us more than four to six years.

But, without question, the training our staff receives in customer service and production is invaluable to their future careers in whatever field they choose. In over 40 years, our former employees have become doctors, lawyers, insurance agents, plant managers, engineers, technicians, and even politicians.

What we require

This is a physical job and requires stamina, strength, and some agility to get in and out of hundreds of vehicles per day. We are a service company first and foremost, and our staff must be service oriented and must possess good communication skills and the ability to get along with all types of people. Because we handle vehicles, a valid Driver’s License is required.

What we look for

At Fountain Car Wash and Lube, we seek the highest qualified individuals for the jobs we perform. In the Lube Shop, experience is a must and training is a definite plus. In the Car Wash, Lube Shop, and Detail Shop, our main goal is to hire individuals who interact well with people, are teachable, and demonstrate or have demonstrated a willingness to learn.